Writing to connect, and heal

Ready for Air I did not blog, journal, or write in any organized way when Daphne was in the NICU. The emotions were too raw and ugly for me to sound coherent. Had I written, it would have been a combination of medical jargon and “this sucks,” with a lot of cursing involved. Not terribly inspiring. Also, I was afraid of something happening to Daphne, and the public exposure made me feel even more vulnerable. I do have records of how I felt and some details of what went on saved in copious emails written to a select few friends who got it then, and get it now.

Only after D had been home for a while, and after her heart surgery, I summoned the courage to write. Surprise, surprise, it was helpful in so many ways. It connected me to the preemie community, people I could count on for help, advice, and understanding ears (eyes?). Writing helped me organize my thoughts and sometimes come up with a plan, a course of action.  My semi-coherent flood of words sometimes even helped me understand what I was feeling, what was making me upset.

Long story short, I wish I had been writing all along.

Kate Hopper, a fellow preemie Mom, knows a little something about the power of telling a story. Today on Preemie Babies 101 I review her beautiful memoir, Ready for Air. I will let you click over to see what I thought of the book. If you want to win a copy of the book, you will have a chance. If you don’t feel like reading my review, read Kate’s book. There, I said it.


2 responses to “Writing to connect, and heal

  1. Melissa, I’m so glad to learn more about your family and your sweet Daphne’s story. I’m subscribing now! Thank you, again, for your kind words about Ready for Air!

    • I am honored! I am recommending the book to all my preemie connections. Thank you for sharing your experience so honestly. It made me feel like I was not crazy to feel the things I felt.

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