Nine-Month Transplant Update

Six-Month Update here.

ImageDaphne has had Zev’s kidney for a little over nine months (insert your own pregnancy jokes here, I can’t think of any). Yesterday I took her to the clinic for a check-up and labs prior to our Brazil trip.

Our little girl is quickly becoming not so little. Yesterday’s weight: 35lbs. She has gained 3lbs in 3 months. She is a little over 40″ tall. The doctors are thrilled with how good she looks. At least two of them remarked that she looks like a different child. She is getting stronger too, according to her PT. Her endurance is better, and she is gaining more muscle every day.

After her scary little bout of CMV, she was on yucky antiviral meds for a while. After a few negative labs, they removed the antiviral and she was OK. Until today. I got a call from the doctor that the CMV has crept up and this time they want to try lowering the immunosuppression just a little bit and see if her body can clear it, since the virus is barely detectable. In three months, at the year mark, they will lower the meds anyway, so it makes sense to try, especially considering how toxic the antiviral is. By the way, I know this is not interesting at all to anybody who’s not related to Daphne, or a doctor, or another transplant parent. Oh well. I need to keep track of what has been done, and when.

I am looking forward to letting her immune system bounce back a little bit because she has had a cold pretty much since the weather got cold. She has no fever, continues to eat well, but the nose shows no sign of unstuffing. The 10-hour flight will be really fun.

Other than that, her iron stores are wicked low, so we need to be more consistent about giving her a supplement.

BUT – everything else continues to go well. The child is bouncier and naughtier than ever. She loves school, and this year we have witnessed such amazing social development. She has made friends (including one very special best friend she loves – a real one, not Bob Dylan), gained a lot of confidence, and has learned SO much.

We will repeat labs when we come back from Brazil to see what happens with the CMV. Until then…. fingers crossed. Again.


2 responses to “Nine-Month Transplant Update

  1. So glad to hear this update. Will keep all fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy leading up to your trip – not to mention during and after! xo

  2. Sounds like, all in all, things are going REALLY well! So glad for you all. Thank you for the update. I think of you often. Bom viagem!

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