The Adventures of Daphne and Dylan

If you are connected with us on Facebook, you may have learned that Daphne has a new imaginary friend. His name is Dylan. As in, Bob Dylan. The friendship emerged during a long ride back to New York from Baltimore, and Daphne’s grandparents, aunt, and sister were treated to quite a few stories about him. For instance, she taught him how to spin a dreidel. When told that Dylan is actually Jewish, she said “yeah, but he doesn’t know anything about Chanukah.” Considering he did record a Christmas album, maybe the kid is on to something. Other tidbits we have learned: he likes cheesecake, he lives in the corner, and he wrote Positively Fourth Street for her. Yes, for her. The funniest thing is that, according to Wikipedia (the source of all out-of-pocket trivia), “the song also may concern Dylan’s stay at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where 4th Street S.E. is one of the two main roads crossing through the part of campus known as Dinkytown, where Dylan lived and performed.” 

You may not know that I often call Daphne Dinky-Doo. Lucy thinks this is absolute proof that her sister actually knows Bob Dylan. Never mind the song was written in the 60′s.

Just now, I asked Daphne to go get in the shower and she told me she can’t because she is meeting Bob Dylan. I asked her what she is doing with him: “I will tell you when I get back,” she said.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

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One response to “The Adventures of Daphne and Dylan

  1. Well, at least she has good taste in music! :)

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