ImageThis is the second week of Pre-K and Daphne already has a cold. I am not surprised. Immuno-suppression works. We are actively telling her body to ignore foreign invaders, and it is doing just that. Good for the kidney, bad when it comes to viruses. The good news is, so far, this cold appears to be of the stuffy nose variety, with no further complications. I hope I did not just jinx myself by typing this. Both girls – and their parents – will be getting flu shots this week.

She has been incredibly happy and eager to go to school. Lunch, so far, has gone well. Snack, not so much. I asked her the other day what she had for snack and she confessed: “We had pretzels, but I just licked the salt.” Hopefully she drank some water to go with the salt. The teachers were wonderfully open about us providing more nutritious and protein-rich snacks for her, so we have to be better about it.

Last night I was asking her about Hebrew School, specifically the names of the kids she doesn’t know well. Daphne indulged me for 30 seconds, then said: “Can we talk about Pre-K now?”

“Sure,” I said. “What would you like to talk about?”

“First, we are going to talk about the friends. Then, we can talk about what we did today.”

I can report that two boys have the same kind of Pillow Pet. And another has a lunchbox with birds on it. Also, her new best bud is afraid of dogs, but she has cats, which Daphne is afraid of. This, of course, means they will never be able to have a play at each other’s houses.

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2 responses to “Pre-K

  1. Pre escolar super atenta e participativa. Não gosta de gatos?! alergia? …. mas isto não é definitivo ,nÉ? passa…. eu tbem não ia com cara de gatos e agora sou uma gateira apaixonada….bjss

  2. Boo to back-to-school germs! May they sweep out of your house as quickly as they arrived. The anecdote of D licking the salt on the pretzel cracks me up. Kids are so funny.

    Healthy wishes to all of you and Chag Sameach! xo

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