Because You’re Awesome

photo(3)School has started! Lucy had her first day of 2nd Grade last week, and Daphne started Pre-K yesterday. They also have Hebrew School (once a week for Daphne, twice for Lucy), PT and OT (Daphne), Ballet and Tap (Lucy), and Portuguese (Lucy).

Tuesday was a big day with Pre-K orientation for Daphne and the first day of Hebrew School for both girls, so I got home from work eager to hear all their stories. Lucy knows better than to answer my questions about her day with vague “I don’t know” or “Stuff” answers. I spent all summer explaining to her, during weekly sessions of torture summer journal writing, that good stories need lots of details because the reader/listener can’t see what’s in your head.

“We had Art and I made a horrible piece, but all the grown-ups liked it. I guess they were trying to be nice. Oh, and I got to be line leader three times.”

“You did?” I asked. “How interesting. How come?” I was in the kitchen chopping garlic, unaware that Daphne was around listening to this conversation. She had lost patience for my questions much earlier.

“I don’t know,” Lucy said.

Daphne chimed in: “Is it because you’re awesome?”

If the world sees Lucy the way her sister does, she’ll be just fine.

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3 responses to “Because You’re Awesome

  1. Oh, my heart. Nothing makes me smile bigger than sibling love. :)

  2. Princesinhas Apaixonadas !! Boa Escola !!

  3. She’s a perfect little sister. She could teach my sisters a thing or two ;-)

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