Some big personal changes

Now that life has sort of settled down with Daphne (knock on wood, pu-pu-pu), I decided it was time for some change. Really.

This week, I accepted a new job. Needless to say, with all the turmoil the last four years, I haven’t had the luxury to focus on my career. All I could do was be grateful for my job with nice and understanding people, and the great benefits that came with it. My current employers have stuck with me through some really hard times, with unwavering support and I always felt secure here. Recently, some organizational changes have led me to start looking.  I’ve been at my current position for almost 7 years, and it was time for a change.

I will be working – ironically – for the hospital we call our second home. The Development (fundraising) offices are not on campus, so I will have some separation from the medical side of life. It is a great professional opportunity for me, and I feel good about fundraising for the place that saved D’s life, over and over again. I gave notice at my current job on Monday, and start there early August. I am thrilled. When I told the girls, Daphne asked if I will be a surgeon (!) and Lucy wanted to know if the job was more or less important than my current one.

On the home front, more changes too. Our long-time nanny is leaving NY and I have to find someone to have in place for the Fall. If this had happened a year ago, I would have ended up admitted myself. Now, I feel OK about it. Daphne will go to Pre-K every day in the Fall, she is eating well, her meds are well managed. Still, having to screen and interview people who will be driving my kids around, and caring for them in our home is definitely stressful. If you are local, and can recommend someone, you know how to reach me.

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5 responses to “Some big personal changes

  1. OMG – Congrats, Congrats, CONGRATS M!
    LOVE THIS — “When I told the girls, Daphne asked if I will be a surgeon (!) and Lucy wanted to know if the job was more or less important than my current one.” Curious what position you accepted in the end :) I owe you a congratulatory drink …and some dessert! Let me know if there is an eve that might work for you after work….xoxo *e

    • It’s the Associate Director one, the one I didn’t apply for. Let’s definitely gather for celebratory drinks and I’ll give you full details. Thanks, lady.

  2. Congratulations Mel! I’m so happy for you! I haven’t been online much lately to support you via blog comments but I’m still cheering for you. xoxo

  3. Wow! What exciting news! Congratulations, Mel! Can’t wait to hear all the details in person.

    And good luck with the search for a new nanny. I hope that the search is both quick and fruitful! xo

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